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                              GREGG BRADLEY WHITMORE
                      May 11, 1965 to Feb 1, 2004



Today is July 27, 2012

It has been a very long time since I have done any updates to Gregg's page.  But decided it was time.  After his death this page was my out let my healing.  As I come back and look at it and read I apologize for the spelling and the jummbled words.  But I am not going to change a thing, because at that time it is how it flowed.

I decided to update his page due to the many many people that have been here over the recent months.  Many of you are here because you saw his and Karen's story on "Deadly Women" on the ID discovery channel.  I would like to tell you all thank you for the heart felt emails and candles that have been sent.  Gregg was amazing, a huge part of our lives is gone and there is always an empty spot when our family is together, or something amazing happens, just day to day life.  But we continue to slowly heal and move on with our lives.  It hasnt been easy, but it was gods plan.  He is with us every day I can testify to this but that is an entirely another story.  I am blessed that he was my brother, the uncle to my children and my grandchildren who impacted our lives and gaves us standards to live up too.  I have 2 grandsons named after him what an honor.  Our lives have had challenges caused by that day but we continue on and grow.  But along with the challenges has been amazing things. Such as meeting and now in contact with his Army family.  My daughter now is over on the East Coast with one of them and his family, they help take care of her and my grandson.  Now tell me that Army isnt forever family.  His children are doing well they have grown, his son is now in the Army his daughter is beautiful I am so very proud of them.  I was in touch with Karen's daughter our angel but just lost touch again, but she is forever in our prayers.  Life will never be the same, but we have learned it is okay to move on and be happy and enjoy what we have.  I know he is always w me in so many ways.  I have added more pictures in the albums, i wish I had more but many were destroyed right before his death.  Tonight I added the TODAY album what it consists of is our family today, how I wish he was here but I know he is right there.  Once again thank you for the kind words for supporting our family. 

Connie Gregg's little sis

the picture I have posted above is how we all need and will remember Gregg!!!

Now to find out about Gregg please read below.


This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Gregg  Bradley Whitmore who was born May 11th 1965.  He and his fiance Karen were murdered by his ex wife on Febuary 1, 2004.          
    Gregg was born to Sharon Foster on May 11, 1965 and was the light of her life.  When Gregg was 4, Gregg's mom met and married Clair Whitmore.  Clair adopted Gregg, they always said that their relationship was extra special because they were able to choose each other as father and son.  For years Gregg worked along side of his father at his dad Mechanic shop.  Hours before his death he was at his fathers house planning a hunting trip they were going to take later that month.  Gregg had a little sister Connie, she was 5 years younger than him and she loved him and idolized the ground he walked on.  
     Gregg always had a smile on his face and was always happy.  When he smiled he lit up an entire room.  He loved the outdoors wether it be farming, hunting or fishing.  He was a hard worker and worked hard for everything he had and appreciated even the littlest things. At the time of his death he worked for a concrete company as a batch manager, he loved his job and the people he worked with and in return they loved him.  At one time along with working Gregg had 4 gardens growing, he would work all day and come home and take care of the gardens.  He was so proud when the harvest came and they were able to can the harvest.  He was such a humble person, and a person who cared for everyone he met.
     In 1986 his mother passed away of cancer and he joined the military.  As usual everything Gregg did he did it 110% he was nominated for solider of the year.  He served in the first Gulf War, Desert Storm,  he was in the Army 82 nd Airborne stationed in Fort Bragg North Carolina.  He was in the 1/325 Delta Company 4th platoon.  He loved  the military and his military family. It was in the military that he grew his love for playing darts that he continued doing right up till his death. 
     When the war was over Gregg came home were he met Shanna and they had 2 children Kyle  and Taytumn.  Gregg loved spending every second with the kids and he was a AWESOME dad.  Whether it be hunting with Kyle, playing games, going to the movies or just going to Walmart "Wally World" he enjoyed every second with his children., and spent as much time as he could with them.   
    His and Shanna's marriage soured and they divorced.  Gregg tried to move on and Shanna couldnt allow it.  In December of 2003 he met Karen Cummings and fell in love with her and asked her  to marry him on that Christmas eve.  This only pushed Shanna farther into her darkness, and things continued to get worse for Gregg.  On Febuary 1, .2004 we recieved the news that Gregg and Karen had been murdered and Shanna was in custody.  Gregg had been stabbed 33 times and Karen 12.  Karens 7 year old daughter, Greggs new step daughter Miquel had witnessed the crime and called 911.  Thanks to this  brave little angel, Shanna is behind bars.  Shanna was sentenced October. 2005.  
     I miss my brother and our lives will never be the same.  Gregg was an amazing Father, son, brother, uncle, soldier and friend.  He was an amazing spirit, he touched everyone he came in contact with.  He is loved and missed deeply by all who knew him.   We are all very lucky to have known this great man and opportunity to have the memory of his smile.

If you visit Gregg's site please light a candle for Gregg and Karen to remember them for the two wonderful people they are.  Two angels take way before their time.  Thank you
                     CONNIE'S VICTIMS STATEMENT 
Your Honor,
    I have written this letter in my mind for a year and half.  Now the time is here, how do you put into words how it makes you feel to get that phone call and those words ringning in your ears forever "they found Gregg murdered".  Sitting in a court room and seeing the pictures and hearing the details fo the last moments of your loved ones life, and why you  couldn't protect him.  That his children will miss out on what a wonderful father and the memories they could of had.  How do you express your hurt and how your life and the lives around you have forever changed and life will never be the Having so many questions with no answeres.  When you look at that face you know that was the last thing your brother saw, someone he once loved.  How do you explain that for months you didn't sleep because of the nightmares, you would run through  the house opening doors screaming his name telling him you will help him.  Asking daily, why would someone do such a thing?  Thses things are the things that go through your head, but I would like to tell you the good things about Gregg Whitmore my big brother and how he touched everyone he came in touch with whether it was with his smile, his laugh or just Gregg being Gregg.
     My name is Connie I am Gregg's little sister.  People would ask me how much older is Gregg that you?  Ever since I can remember I would say 5 years 2 month 2 days and 9 minutes.  I worshiped the ground my big brother walked on.  He was an amazing person, he always smiled that is what I miss the most.  Gregg was a hard woker his entire life and took pride in all he did.  Whether it was the militay, fixing cars, or farming, growing a garden,  canning or cooking he was proud no matter what it was. It didn't take much to make him happy, he didin't need new cars or the finest of things, but when he did obtain something new it was the best and he was so proud.  Gregg was a great big brother, son, uncle and father.  In his life there was nothing more important than his children.  He worked long hard hours, but he always had time to take them to the movies, Wal-Mart "Wally World" hunting or just spending quality time with them, they were his life.  I grew very close to Gregg when I was 16 and he was 21.  Our mother died of cancer and he took care of me until he joined the militay. Hhe was nominated for solider of the year, and served in the first desert storm.  People loved Gregg whether they worked with him, been a life long friend or was just a mere acquaintance.  The memory I will hold forever in my heart is when he was in desert storm I wrote Gregg a poem, he passed it around to his army buddy's they hung it in thier tanks, he was so proud of it.  he came home and 5 years later for Christmas I re-typed it and put it in a frame, he opened that gift and smile and pulle dout his wallet and said see? The original was still in his wallet.  The Christmas 1 month befoe his murder we were standing around as a family and laughing and something was said about that peom he smiled and said see what sis wrote for me?  He pulled out the original and showed everyone.  I miss being called sis, my children miss him so much, they have had great difficulties trying to deal with this, not only have they had to watch their mom suffer through this loss, but deal with their own emotions. I will forever carry the guilt that I introduced Gregg to Shanna.  But on the other hand I have to know what Gregg would of said, that he had once loved Shanna and because of this they had 2 beatuiful children together that ment the world to him. I will never understand why Shanna felt she had to take these 2 lives, not only did she have take 2 lives she left 3 small children orphaned.  I tried to have contact with his children.  We have spent thousands of dollars fighting for them and all we have gotten is kicked in the teeth.  It is so sad, Gregg's little girl would come down and show me a picture of Gregg and say please don't tell my grandma or she will take it away. These children continue to loose.  Gregg loved his kids more than life it's self, that is why I believe he is now dead. I am angry because for years I lost my brother because he was not allowed to be part of our lives, because we were not Shanna's family.  I am angry because no matter what,  I knew he was always there for me, now he is gone because of her selfishness.  We finally got him back and were enjoying being a family again.  The week before he was killed he helped us move into my new home, he stood in my kitchen and cried about his life s, I told him I would hellp in any way that I could, but Gregg being who he was said sis I will take care of it.  That was so like Gregg not wanting to involve anyone else in his problems.  In August of 2005 my father was in a car accident and was almost killed.  I knew the day would come that I would  loose my dad, but I thought I would be able to survive because I would have Gregg. Now when I loose my dad there will be no one, because Shanna was so selfish.  I don't hate her, I would just like to understand why? I hope one day she will realize how many lives she destroyed.  I sit in my front room and visualize him walking up the side walk and him grinning at me.  I am so grateful for the memories and the person he was the the influence he made in so many lives.  More than anything I am so grateful that I had a couple of months with him again.  But mostly that my last works to him were love you bro and he said I love you sis, I will see you tomoorow. Though I miss him more than anyone will ever know,  I look at the picture on my desk to see his smile and know he is with me.  I love you Gregg and was so very lucky that you wre my big BRO. I will always make you proud.
Love your little

                                                        THE SOLDIER'S PRAYER
                                                                By: Connie Whitmore
 My father in heaven 
to you I pray 
please help me through
Another day
Why must I  be here
so far from home
I'm scared and so alone
I know there is
A reason shy
But it's so Hard
These tears I cry
Please don't let them 
Forget me here
In this foreign land
It's for them, my country I stand
I say this prayer to you
AT the end of each night
Please let me be home soon
God let's end this fight
This is the poem that Gregg carried in his wallet all of those years.  When we went through his wallet after his death the original was folded inside 
Im Gregg Whitmore's Neice- and my mom had asked me to add a tribute to this page. I just wanted to put what i thought about this whole thing!! I honestly dont know what to think... I see this from many of different views. One that means the most to me .. My moms. nothing has been harder for my two brother's and i. not only have we lost my Uncle.. but we lost the love of his life, his two adorible kids.. and my dad. My parents couldnt keep it all together. they had more then enough to deal with .. and on top of that. .. the murder!! so they split up. Everyday I go to school, and in school they use the murder for topics of alot of subjects. or we talk about the army or something.. and it makes me just like want to cry. i feel like ive lost my bestfriends. and we have lost alot more then friends. we have lost our families. thoughts, and dreams. but I think that most of all waht matters out of all of that.. we cant see Gregg's kids. Taytumn, was my bestfriend at one point in time. we played barbies, bratz, and house. we had alot of fun!! I go to Rexburg just hoping we can run into them. Nothing hurts more then when you know that you probably will never see your cousin's until they're grown up. When I first found out about this, i was with my mom and we were just going to Wal*Mart to pick up a dresser. She got a call from one of her drivers so we had to swing by her work, and right when we got into the office, my dad called the cell phone and started asking who she was with (obviously he knew she was going to flip out) she said her boss was, so my dad said to take the phone into him. she had handed the phone to her boss.. and by this time. my mom had been hasterical... he said "calm down James, here she is" i looked at him.. thinking "Austin's at my cousin's .. he was killed in a four wheeler wreck" and my next thought was "Colt's with his friends, he got in a car wreck" .. either way i knew someone was dead and everything wasnt going to be ok. I looked at him and whispered if everything was ok? he shook his head no, right has my mom got the news. i could NEVER begin to explain the way i felt when i found this out. nothing will ever feel like that did. the whole way home my mom and i kept saying "Everything's ok, it's just one of your dad's practical jokes." When we got home, we knew it wasnt any practical joke, when Colton was outside shoveling the walk. All of our family had showed up and discussed what had happened... I cant begin to explain the way i feel about this. i hurts to look at my brother and know that how much my family misses my Uncle. my brother and Gregg look identical!! another thing with my family, that i will never be able to get over is my nickname my uncle Gregg gave me, i will never forget .. is Bam*Bam. .. but here you go mom. you want to you can delete anything. you can. you can delete the whole thing if you would like. i love you. thank you for everything! -Brittany  (Bam*Bam) .. 

                   My dearest Brother I am so sorry it took so long to get the pictures on here. I will get more scanned soon.  American Solider will always remind me of you.  I remember the day James and I were driving back from town and it came on the radio he had to pull over as we sat on the side of the road both of us crying knowing it had to be played at your funeral. It not only represented how you felt about the Army, both all you wanted to do was raise your daughter and your son, how you had to give your life for freedom.  The song was really two fold for you.   It still sends chills up my spine when I hear it, I can see your casket in front of me with your name plate on it and the beginning of the song starting.  It will always hold a special place in my heart and the meaning it has.  Along with "One more Day by Diamond Rio"  How I wish for one more day with you.  I get so lonely sometimes and just wish I could talk to you and for you to make it all better, like you always did.  Some days I think that time has healed my pain but then it comes back.  I miss you so.  Guess what Colton Graduated High School, I remember when you came home on leave when he was only a month old.  How time flies.  Britt is working now and is in High School, she is Beautiful. Austin is in Jr. High and is a fine young man. Dad is doing well, Tony and I work for him at the shop.  He misses you as much as I do.  But you know all this because I know you are with us daily.  I love you

This was a Tribute made to Gregg
Thank you Austin for the letter and his Beret.  I cherish it.

I'm addressing my letter to Gregg.


When the Rigby newspaper printed your address during the Gulf War for people to write to you as a serviceman, I chose yours because I could tell from the APO address that you were in the 82nd Airborne and that sounded exciting. As a 7th-8th grader from Lewisville, I didn't have much to do and I used my imagination a lot, and liked to write you a lot. I enjoyed writing you, and when I got a couple letters back I was so excited. I remember asking you if you guys were going to catch Saddam Hussein and you said you'd leave that up to the Special Forces guys. I remember sending you stuff I thought you'd enjoy, like jokes I'd find or draw. You made me feel like I was doing something useful and I felt good.

Someone from your family, I think your Mom, called me to tell me that you were flying in. I asked my Mom if I could be there and we went to meet you (along with a huge group of people with signs and balloons) at the airport. Even though there was at least 40-60 people there, you made time to give me a hug and get a picture of us. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Gregg, but you are Gregg, and beyond awesome. I want your kids and sister and all your family to know what happened next.

I'm in shop class at Rigby Junior High, and we're doing some little wood project. The door opens and it's you in uniform. The teacher let me go talk to you and we went outside. You thanked me for writing and said that you were sorry you didn't have more time to talk at the airport (which was the day before or two days before). We talked a little about school and asked about my friends and grades and were really cool about all that. You then pulled out your beret, and gave it to me. The beret that bears the emblem of your unit, and the beret you'd been wearing at the airport the day before.

I couldn't believe that I was worth it. I didn't have very high self esteem at the time, I didn't have many friends, and here is just returned veteran Gregg Whitmore and he not only thinks enough of me to take time with me at the airport, but to visit me at school and give me his beret.

This was a selfless act which made a little kid that didn't have that good of a self image feel great about himself. It made me feel like I mattered, that I could do things that mattered to other people, and that there are great men in this world.

Later I moved to Utah. I moved back to Idaho in 1994 and came to visit you in the early spring of 1995 with my girlfriend Allison. I wanted her to meet you. It was great to see you again and talk with you.

When I learned of your death from my Mom, I couldn't believe it. You are one of my heroes. All I can say is Thank You, and that you touched my life with greatness and I'd like to act with similar greatness in my life. Thank you for inspiring me. This letter of course isn't just for you but I would want to help take care of your family by sharing with them about one of the experiences they might not know about.

I'd like your children or parents or family to have your Airborne beret. I've kept it as well preserved as I could through the years, always keeping it in a special spot. Even though I was just 14 when you gave it to me, I wasn't stupid enough to play with it or wear it. To be honest, I always knew that I'd bring it back to you when you had kids so that you could give it to them. Like you gave it to me for safe keeping.

Thanks for being who you ARE,

Austin Long

If Tears Could Build a Stairway
If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane.
I would walk right up to Heaven 
and bring you back again.

No farewell words were spoken.
No time to say "Goodbye"
You were gone before I knew it.
and only God knows why.

My heart still aches with saddness.
and secret tears still flow.
What it meant to love you-
No one can ever know.

But now I know you want me
to mourn for you no more:
To remember all the happy times.
life stll has much in store.

Since you'll never be forgotten.
I pledge to you today-
A hollowed place within my heart
is where you'll always stay.

In loving Memory of
Gregg Bradley Whitmore

Missing you my dearest Brother on year 4 without you.  This picture is so you.  Baseball cap and a smile to light up the entire world.
We miss you so much!!!!!

This will run in the local paper on Sunday.



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